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Data Privacy Statement

To comply with Article 12 of EU’s newest data protection law, please find here the corresponding data privacy information regarding this website:

The owner of this website certainly cares very much about the protection of your personal data and treats it strictly confidential and in compliance with the existing legal privacy protection laws and orders. The visit of this website is generally possible without exposing any personal data as is uses neither contact form nor any other forms that require the input of any of your personal information (so please, do keep your personal information to yourself, thanks!).

This website, however, uses Google Analytics and also the WordPress-Standard-Statistics – I strongly assume, that your access to this page will be recorded somewhere in the U.S. – in addition, this website also uses Plugins (which possibly forward your IP-address to the servers in question to enable the function of those plugins, as for example the photo gallery, etc.). I’m also quite sure that this website uses cookies to function properly – in case of interest, please click here to read up on the function of such a cookie.

If these things are not to your liking and you prefer not to visit a website using Google-Analytics, Plugins, Cookies, etc. then: please refrain from visiting this website. If you don’t mind them, please feel welcome and return anytime you like!